100 Children in Kolomiya will Receive School Book Bags


The academic year opens on September first. This is always a stressful day for school children. This day is not a happy one for every child. For different reasons, including financial limitations, some families are not able to buy school book bags and the school supplies their children need.

Caritas of the Kolomiya-Chernivtsi Eparchy is preparing for the fifth School Book Bag event. The event helps disadvantaged children (orphans or children from disadvantaged, multi-child, crisis, or one parent families) prepare for the school year.

Organizers of the event will collect book bags and school supplies. Each book bag, stocked with school supplies, is valued at 200-250 UAH. Workers of the local Caritas expect to prepare 100 such book bags thanks to the efforts made by their volunteers.

Taras Buchovs’kyy, Coordinator of the School Book Bag event invites concerned Kolomiya residents to help with this charitable event, because children are our future.

Donations can be made at various Caritas collection boxes located in Kolomiya’s churches, or by contacting Caritas Kolomiya-Chernivtsi Eparchy directly. They are located at S. Petlyura Street 98. Moreover, you can donate school supplies and book bags that are in good condition.

“Remember, that together, we have the power to improve the world!” stated Mr. Buchovs’kyy.

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