ICF “Caritas Ukraine” rules of making charitable donations using payment cards


ICF “Caritas Ukraine” rules of making charitable donations using payment cards

  1. This part of ICF “Caritas Ukraine” web-page is a tool for collection of charitable donations using payment cards – special payment means in form of plastic and other cards emitted in accordance with the established legislative procedure. These cards are used to initiate money transfer from the account of payer or relevant bank account that is aimed at carrying charitable donations from philanthropists of Internet network for implementation of only statutory tasks of ICF “Caritas Ukraine”.
  2. The security of charitable donations collection is guaranteed by implementation of range of technical and technological approaches on carrying Internet-payments through personal computer that is based on “3-D Secure” protocol and specifications. In its turn this protocol is a backbone of “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode” programs.
  3. The minimal sum of charitable donation was fixed by ICF “Caritas Ukraine” in the amount of one hryvnia. Philanthropists–users of ICF “Caritas Ukraine” web-page determine at own discretion the amount of charitable donation over the minimal sum that was stated.
  4. Philanthropist has the right to cancel his/her charitable donation and receive back the funds he/she transferred. In order to do this it is necessary to provide written statement about cancellation of money transfer indicating passport information of donor and date of payment. The statement should be addressed to Anatoliy Kozak, Secretary General of ICF “Caritas Ukraine” to the address: ICF “Caritas Ukraine”, Ozarkevycha Str. 4, 79016, Lviv, Ukraine. It should be done within 72 hours.
  5. Help service for web-site users: (please, indicate “Problems with online system of charitable donations” in subject of the letter) and +38(032)227 47 70, 227 47 74. Working hours: 10:00-18.00. Mon.-Fr.
  6. When transferring money via online system of charitable donations philanthropist gives consent on collection and processing of his/her personal data by International charitable foundation “Caritas Ukraine” (hereafter – ICF “Caritas Ukraine”) in compliance with current legislation of Ukraine. Public disclosure of philanthropists’ personal information is forbidden, apart from cases indicated by current legislation of Ukraine.


Terms “philanthropist”, “charitable donation” are used in these Rules in accordance with Law “On charitable activity and charity organizations”.
Term “payment card” are used in these Rules in accordance with Law “On payment systems and transfer of money in Ukraine”.

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