In 2013 Caritas Ukraine ensured care and support of thousands of Ukrainians in crisis living circumstances


20.01.2014,  Ukraine
Team of Caritas Ukraine summed up the past year in the context of its work, state of philanthropy and social work in Ukraine, important society and political events in our country. Year 2013 for us as – a representative of one of the biggest international networks of charitable organizations with 115-year experience – was full of significant achievements and challenges.

We continue lobbying activities on national and regional levels that are directed at changing of understanding in the Ukrainian society of the great need in support of non-governmental organizations that work in sphere of social services delivery. Such work is aimed at changing of state fundamentals of cooperation with non-profit organizations, transformation of worldview and interaction of Ukrainian business, church, mass media and ordinary citizens with people in crisis life conditions.

We would like to mark the most important and latest achievements of the last year:
– Caritas Ukraine won in two nominations in National rating of philanthropists: “International activity” and ”Number of volunteers involved”.
Moreover, our foundation was considered as one that spends little money for administrative expenses – only 7%. In general our budget amounted to 1 million euro, taking in consideration that 94-97% of these cash proceeds from abroad.
– We have defined our priorities:

  • Assistance to children, youth and families
  • Healthcare service
  • Social problems of migration
  • Support in crisis situations

– Nearly 1000 employees and volunteers got involved to work of Caritas Ukraine. Help was provided to thousands of needful Ukrainians in 2013.
– During 2013 regional organizations of Caritas Ukraine that operate in 8 oblasts of Ukraine received financial assistance from Ukrainians that amounts to 1 mln. hryvnyas.
– Thanks to work of Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, Ukraine’s unique online infrastructure to donate for charity projects that go through special selection procedure and clear accountability – over 110.000 UAH were raised for different needs of regional Caritas Ukraine regional organizations.

– “Home Care” project with 12-year experience in 2013 had to come to an end due to lack of financial means, but with help of Caritas Germany and Caritas Vienna project will be continued for one year.
Now we face a real challenge to secure financial background for care of lonely seniors who need assistance from outside, in the next year – with state financial support, help of corporate donors, partners from abroad and ordinary Ukrainian citizens.
– In 2013 information and consultation centers operated in 8 organizations of Caritas Ukraine: by phone, in center or during visits to the hospital or home of an ill person employees of such centers rendered qualified information to thousands of needful people on care of an ill individual, pieces of advice on use of rehabilitation means, conducted training for neighbors and relatives of the ill to save their health.
– In 2013 almost 1000 individuals received rehabilitation equipment on care of ill person for temporary use and consultation how to use it.
– Within Home Care project 6 social laundries for hundreds of needful people continued their work.
– Last year charitable establishment Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Hospital secured the procedure of receiving of medical and social services, outpatient and consultative assistance of various profiles for thousands of people in need. Also, here, palliative and hospice unit functions to render aid for 25-30 people.

– Assistance of Caritas Ukraine to crisis children, youth and families in 2013 included activities of 5 social centers on mobile work with youth, 7 social centers on work with children who have difficulties in studying, 1 education and care establishment for pre-school kids, 2 pilot projects of social flats, also targeted assistance to children, youth and families in need. Such projects provided assistance to thousands of needful children and youth.
– In 2013 project “Social inclusion and development of integration centers for young people with special needs” continued in 4 specialized centers for over 100 disabled people.
In 2014 2 new social centers on work with youth who have special needs started their work in Caritas Kolomyia and Boryslav.

– In December art-project of young people with special needs and professional artists was presented with the support of Lviv City Council, it was implemented for 2 previous years in different cities of Ukraine. What is considerably pleasant that project includes fundraising component and it will help to further develop and improve artistic initiative.
– Last year we carried on rendering assistance to low-income families who faced with oncologic diseases of their children. Complex medical and social services; and also psychological support were provided to children and parents. Nearly 45 families are seized with assistance.

– Nearly 100 victims of human trafficking received help and almost 2000 people are involved in educating initiatives directed at preventing human trafficking in Ukraine.
– In 2013 reintegration of 11 Ukrainian migrants families was done with efforts of Caritas Ukraine employees.  They received assistance in form of social support and legal consultations, advice on setting up and running business, material aid in purchasing required equipment for the beginning of own business or for the improvement of living conditions, healthcare service and rehabilitation.
– At the moment Caritas Ukraine prepares for publishing guide for those who returned from abroad and potential migrants. Also methodic materials on work with migrants’ children, where long-term experience of Caritas Ukraine regional organizations, were prepared.
– Caritas Ukraine joined preparation of civic platform recommendations for hearings in Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on labour migration.

– Caritas Ukraine team actively participated in elaboration of an ‘ideal’ model of social services delivery system as an alternative for the existing one. State authorities of various levels and spheres of specializations, the most affluent civic and charitable organization in Ukraine were involved to such work.
Suggested model foresees the necessity of introducing changes to a range of regulatory acts, in particular, law of Ukraine on “Social services” and Budget Codex of Ukraine. As a result, Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine approvingly estimated the suggested model and taking in consideration recommendations it introduced amendments in draft legislation on “Social services” and changes to Budget Codex

You can read more about other activities and achievements of our lobbying group, notably: a) critical analysis that is aimed to remove drawbacks of Cabinet of Ministers ruling №324 from April 29, 2013, “On adaptation of procedure of implementation of social procurement at the expense of budget money”, b) creation of Single social register of Ukraine concept for Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, c) proposals to Ministry of Health Care on the importance of assignment of major “Palliative assistance” on legislative level) here.

Regional organizations of Caritas Ukraine actively developed their work for hundreds (and in some cases for thousands) of needful people: charitable refectories, points of humanitarian aid delivery, service to inmates, rehabilitation of the addicted, work of animal farm, clubs for seniors and charitable initiatives.
– In 2013 Christmas Candle initiative gained a great scale and united nearly 150.000 people of a good will in Ukraine and almost 10.000 in the USA and Canada.
– Employees of Caritas Ukraine became involved as speakers and experts during important thematic conferences, trainings, seminars and forums. Moreover, last year we also conducted a range of educating events to upgrade qualifications for our stuff with foreign and Ukrainian experts.
– In 2013 mass media and social networks paid great attention to activities of Caritas Ukraine.

We express colossal gratitude to everyone who supports us either with financial means, resources, certain services or cooperation, who prays and cheers for us!

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