Standing in Solidarity: All Eyes on Ukraine as the World Witnesses Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis

The situation in Ukraine remains precarious. The last two years have been an arduous journey for Ukraine and its people. However, resilience, compassion, and solidarity have also been outpouring amidst the darkness. Caritas Ukraine has been at the forefront of providing support and hope to those affected by the war. Our teams have worked tirelessly to help rebuild shattered lives and communities. 

With your previous support, we have been able to make a difference in the lives of many affected people. We urgently need your support across all sectors as the multifaceted humanitarian crisis caused by Russian aggression leads to catastrophic consequences. According to OCHA, over 14.6 million people—about 40 percent of Ukraine’s population—will need humanitarian assistance in 2024.

However, the need for assistance continues to grow, and we must expand our efforts to meet this demand. For this reason, we have launched our Emergency Appeal for 2024. This project aims to provide urgent humanitarian aid to those affected by the ongoing war and humanitarian crisis.

This year’s Emergency Appeal covers the following regions, most affected by war:

– Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, and Kherson with basic humanitarian aid and humanitarian protection services;

– Kyiv, Zhytomyr, and Kirovohrad regions with humanitarian protection services (including work with children).

​The emphasis has now shifted towards the most vulnerable areas, as well as those regions with a pressing and unmet need for humanitarian protection. The project is also equipped to respond promptly to emergencies, such as unpredictable rocket attacks or shifts in the frontline.

The total amount we plan to raise is 10 million Euros.

In addition, we will continue to provide training and capacity-building support to our network, ensuring that we can deliver high-quality assistance while preserving the dignity of those we serve. We allocate funds for training: 160,000 euros.

Your support has been invaluable in the past, and we hope that you will continue to stand with us as we work to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable people. We kindly ask for your financial or material support to help us meet the urgent needs of the affected people. There is an option to choose a specific direction for funding assistance.

We are eagerly anticipating your response and are open to the idea of arranging an online meeting to discuss how we can further collaborate and address the critical needs of the affected individuals in Ukraine.

We would also appreciate it if you could help us spread the word about our Emergency Appeal for 2024. By sharing this information with your networks, you can help us reach more people in need.

Humanitarian intervention

Caritas Ukraine’s humanitarian intervention is implemented through a comprehensive approach aimed at addressing the urgent needs of the affected populations. Firstly, the intervention focuses on the distribution of essential relief supplies, such as food, water, shelter materials, and hygiene kits, to displaced families and vulnerable individuals. Distribution points are established to ensure the efficient delivery and equitable access to aid, reaching those most in need across the regions.

Moreover, Caritas Ukraine collaborates closely with local authorities, community leaders, and partner organizations to conduct thorough needs assessments and identify the most vulnerable groups requiring immediate assistance. Special attention is given to ensuring the protection and well-being of specific demographics, including children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and women-headed households. Targeted interventions designed to meet their specific needs, ensuring that aid reaches those who are most vulnerable and marginalized within the affected communities.

Additionally, the humanitarian intervention integrates psychosocial support and counseling services to address the emotional trauma and psychological distress experienced by displaced individuals in the Kharkiv region. Trained professionals provide counseling sessions aimed at promoting resilience, coping mechanisms, and community solidarity, thereby fostering a sense of hope and well-being amidst challenging circumstances. Through these multifaceted approaches, Caritas Ukraine seeks to provide comprehensive assistance to those affected by the crisis in Kharkiv region, ensuring their basic needs are met and their emotional well-being supported during these difficult times.

Urgent Needs

The diverse range of assistance provided, including food and hygiene kits, safe water distribution, hot meals, psychosocial support, disability assistance, emergency shelter repair kits, and shelter, collectively complement each other by addressing various aspects of the humanitarian crisis comprehensively. This multifaceted approach ensures that affected individuals and families’ immediate and long-term needs are met effectively, covering aspects such as basic necessities, health and hygiene, emotional well-being, accessibility, and shelter stability. By offering a combination of services tailored to different demographics and circumstances, these interventions aim to provide holistic support to those impacted by the crisis, promoting resilience and recovery within the affected communities.

This response focuses on two target groups:

1. Assistance to people who remain in border areas and refuse evacuation. For them, the following is provided:

Food and Hygiene Kits: Providing food and hygiene kits ensures that basic nutritional and sanitation needs are met, helping to prevent illness and maintain health among affected populations.

Distribution of safe water: By distributing safe water, we address a fundamental need for survival, particularly in areas where water sources are compromised due to the war.

Emergency Shelter Repair Kits: Emergency shelter repair kits enable quick and efficient repairs to damaged housing, ensuring that displaced individuals have safe and adequate shelter. This helps to restore a sense of normalcy and security for affected families.

Provision of generators for households: In situations where there is a lack of electricity due to constant shelling, generators can provide households with the ability to cook food, operate essential appliances, and provide hot water. This helps to mitigate the impact of power outages and enhances the resilience of affected communities amidst ongoing war.

2.  Assistance to people evacuating includes:

Hot Meals: Providing hot meals ensures that individuals have access to immediate nourishment and comfort during the evacuation process. This is particularly important in situations where access to cooking facilities or food supplies is limited or impossible. Hot meals offer essential nutrition and contribute to the overall well-being of evacuees, providing them with the strength and energy needed during transit and relocation.

Child Support and Psychosocial Counseling: Supporting children and providing psychosocial counseling are critical components of humanitarian assistance during evacuations. Children are especially vulnerable during crises and may experience trauma and stress. Psychosocial support helps them cope with these challenges and provides them with the emotional support they need for recovery. Additionally, offering shelter ensures that children have a safe and secure environment where they can receive care and protection.

Shelter: Accommodating evacuees in collective centers supported by Caritas ensures that they have a safe and dignified place to stay during the evacuation process. Collective centers provide basic amenities, shelter, and protection from the elements, offering evacuees a temporary home until they can return to their communities or find more permanent housing solutions.

Crisis Support for People with Disabilities: Providing crisis support for people with disabilities is important for ensuring their safety and well-being during emergencies. This support includes access to essential services, such as medical care and mobility aids, as well as specialized care tailored to their specific needs. By addressing the unique challenges faced by people with disabilities during evacuations, Caritas ensures their inclusion and protection within the humanitarian response efforts.

To continue and expand these critical interventions, we urgently need your support. Your contribution will enable us to sustain and enhance our efforts in providing essential aid and support to those most in need. 

Thank you for your continued partnership and support. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by the war in Ukraine.

If you want to support our activities and save lives together – contact:

Mariia Tsapovska, Emergency Appeal Project manager: 

+380 96 611 53 94

Olha Sydii

Thank you for being a valuable supporter of our organization and for making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. Together, we can continue to create meaningful change and build a better future for all.

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