Children of labour migrants went on an enchanting trip from the past into a bright present


With the goal of improving recreation for children from labour migrant families, a team of Caritas Brody workers organized an entertaining-educational excursion to L’viv on 28 July. The excursion took children to the IMAX theatre where they enjoyed watching a movie. For some of these children of labour migrants this was a fantastic event, because their lives are rather mundane.

After the movie another surprise awaited the children—“an enchanting trip into the past.” These are the words children used to express their impressions of the trip to L’viv’s Shevchenkivs’ky Hay.

Shevchenkivs’ky Hay is a well know ethnic open air museum located on forested hills inside the city limit of L’viv, near the High Castle. The open air museum covers nearly 85 hectares. It harmoniously unites hilly terrain, with the natural vegetation of the Carpathian Mountains and carefully relocated historical buildings from different regions of Western Ukraine.

“Recreation is a very important aspect of each child’s life. Unfortunately, the selection of cultural events that can be accessed by the children of labour migrants is fairly limited. This has a significant impact on their development, mental attitude, values and expectations.

Caritas promotes socialization and good education among needy children,” says Oksana Lotots’ka, Coordinator of Children’s Projects for Caritas Brody.

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