Ivano-Frankivs’k Caritas helps former OST-Arbeiters and Political Prisoners


Elderly individuals need attention and care as they are somewhat isolated from society. This isolation is magnified in secluded villages. In June, workers from the Caritas Ivano-Frankivs’k UGCC visited the most secluded corners of the Tlumatskyy district in the Ivano-Frankivs’k region, where they met with former OST-Arbeiters and political prisoners. As part of the Nadvechir geriatric club (a program of the German Memory. Responsibility. Future. foundations’ Meeting

Place—Dialogue program), 24 former OST-Arbeiters and political prisoners from Tlumatskyy received material assistance in the form of groceries and personal hygiene items valued at nearly 2000 UAH.

Social workers from the project visited their clients, talked with them, documented their recollections, listened to their problems, and gave advice. The elderly seemed to come alive during these meetings because of the support and attention they received which each person needs, regardless of their age.

It is very unfortunate that many of those who survived the Second World War (including those who were forcibly taken to Germany) often experience anxiety. They are anxious because they are nearing the end of their lives, some are ill, experiencing a loss of independence, or physical ability. Often they are alone with their problems, without anyone to speak to or to share their experiences with.

The Ivano-Frankivs’k Caritas has been serving the elderly through the Nadvechir club for several years. The club helps the elderly feel that they are important members of their community and country. The club works to improve their clients’ quality of life and to create a dialogue with the younger generation.

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