Young People with Special Needs Learn to Care for Lawns


30.07.2012, Ivano-Frankivs’k
The most pressing current problem for people with special needs is finding work. This group of people finds it especially hard to enter the workforce because they have medical contraindications for being allowed to study or work. As a result their right to work is unrealized, despite the fact that foreign experience shows that this group can not only learn work skills but execute these tasks professionally to the extent of their abilities.

Currently, thanks to Caritas Ukraine, there are 4 Centres for Social Rehabilitation and Adaptation for the Mentally Disabled: in L’viv, Drohobych, Striy and Ivano-Frankivs’k. Every Centre serves 15-25 special needs clients and their families every day. At these Caritas branches, young special needs individuals, in a friendly atmosphere, have the opportunity to develop, obtain new skills and realize their potential and talents by crafting various handmade items and by participating in events, bazaars and festivals.

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