The Andrey Sheptytsky Hospital Received Donated Medicines


The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky charitable Hospital in L’viv is a medical institution of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. It provides medical, social and spiritual assistance to the public regardless of their economic status, religion or ethnicity.

The hospital’s patients are largely made up the elderly, the homeless, the terminally ill, those with HIV/AIDS, the disabled, and orphans.

There is an ambulatory diagnostic centre, medical offices, a surgical unit, and a palliative care unit. The hospital runs a number of charitable programs aimed at preventing illness and overcoming poverty. The Home Care program is also based out of the Hospital. It serves over 500 individuals in their homes.

HIV positive individuals and their families can obtain advice, psychological counselling and medical care. There is also a day care centre for HIV positive children. It cares for children while their parents attend to various legal and bureaucratic issues.

Hospital staff also treats those with alcohol and substance abuse problems by offering them medical exams, psychological, social and legal assistance.

The hospital’s hospice and palliative care unit has been operating since 2003. In this unit staff focuses on easing physical and spiritual suffering, and helping the terminally ill live out their final days on earth with dignity. The major efforts of medical staff in this unit are aimed at creating psychological comfort for their patients. For this reason, staff must have not only a professional approach but they must also be able to exhibit empathy, sincerity, and kindness. A Chaplin works with patients, their families and staff.

The Sheptytsky Hospital is completely financed by donations from local and foreign philanthropists. The hospital’s administration struggles to secure necessary items such as medicines, bandages, medical supplies, and equipment.

Recently a large quantity of medicines was sent to L’viv. They will be distributed to medical establishments in the city and surrounding region, to patients of the Sheptytsky Hospital, to clients of Caritas Ukraine’s Home Care project, and to other disadvantaged individuals. To obtain medicines being distributed to the public please come to the Sheptytsky Hospital with a doctor’s prescription and the passport information and identification number of the patient.

Medicines that will be distributed include: Atenol-H, Bronchoryl cough syrup, Globigen, Genagra (Viagra), Genocard, Dyhel (Lactulax), Cofex, Lacardia, Protozal, Tilda (Artoxib), Cefadroxil, and Ciprofloxacin.

Dzvenyslava Chaykivs’ka, Director of the Sheptytsky Hospital extends a special thanks to:

  • Henry Princely Devanbu, General Director of Apollo Pharma
  • Roman Oleksandrovych Mazuryk, General Director of Acropolis Biosciences
  • Iryna Bohdanivna Bavdys, Regional Manager of Genom

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