Ternopil TV Interested in Caritas’ Program to Care for Isolated Elderly Individuals


The creator of the Life-Being television program on Ternopil’s INTB is interested in the work Caritas does and wants to feature it on the program. This would spotlight how the seriously ill can be helped by community organizations, something that Caritas has been doing for over 10 years in 8 regions of Ukraine. Caritas programs serve as an example for government social services and other community organizations to follow.

Home Care (as the Caritas program is called) is one of the first projects that the organization’s branch in Ternopil took on. Home Care aims to improve the quality of life of isolated elderly people, the feeble, the seriously ill, and those who need temporary or constant nursing care, or other assistance which social workers and volunteers can provide.

Caritas staff offers medical, social and spiritual-moral support for the seriously ill and for isolated individuals. Staff members do not deal with their clients’ problems in isolation, but consider the person as a whole and the environment in which they live.

Home Care clients vary in age and come from different social classes, ethnic backgrounds and religions; they can be recovering from a stroke, or traumas, or have a chronic condition. There are tens of clients being cared for by the Caritas Ternopil staff.

Roksolana Kinal’, creator and host of the Life-Being program made her first visit to the Ternopil Caritas on 27 July to film a show featuring the life of Home Care clients. The show, that will be aired throughout August, contains interviews with employees and clients—geriatric clients, for whom having someone care for them and being able to talk is truly priceless.

“Simply by treating others with great respect for human dignity we can build a civil, mature and responsible society which values love, mercy, compassion, and charity. Let this be the centre of our Life-Being!” states Ms. Kinal’ when explaining why they chose to feature this story

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