Participants of Car Quest Befriend Caritas Kyiv Clients


Recently, Caritas Kyiv contacted organizers of the Dozor Lite car quest. Dozor Lite has been functioning in Kyiv for quite some time and they decided to make their 100th quest a charitable event to support child protection efforts. The quest included a bazaar and an auction featuring children’s handmade items.

Halyna Li, Director of Work with Children and Youth at the local Caritas explains: “This car quest was named SHKID Republic. This name is connected to a dark period of our history but it is also associated with Henadiy Polok’s cult film about the homeless.

During the scavenger hunt participants entered the world of street children and witnessed how and where they lived. Most importantly, they were able to help organizations such as Caritas Kyiv who work with these kids.”

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