L’viv Caritas Teaches Children how to Lead Healthy and Active Lifestyles


Participating in sports is important part of growing up; taking part in a football tournament is priceless. Such an opportunity was recently available to several groups of children from various children’s centres who serve orphans, disadvantaged children, and those experiencing difficulties. Four football teams—Levy [Lions], Orly [Eagles], Pokrova [Protectress] and Don Bosco—participated in the first tournament dedicated to EURO 2012 in L’viv.

Vitaliy Herasymiv, Director of Caritas L’viv UGCC’s Youth Social Centre states: “We quickly organized the tournament. The most difficult aspect was to get a location for the tournament. Thanks to Mr. Oleh Kuzyk, Director of the L’viv Youth Creative Centre, the football tournament was held in their gym. This became very important because the weather was so bad that we would have had to cancel if it were held outdoors.”

When all preparations and organizational issues were resolved the tournament itself got underway. It is impossible to pass along the stress and anticipation that the children felt.

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