Happiness is…?! An Exhibit of Photographs Depicting Disadvantaged Children Opens in Ternopil


“In recent years medical facilities very rarely receive funds to upgrade their equipment. For this reason they are very grateful to receive funding for these improvements from charitable or community organizations. The Volyn’ regional branch of Caritas has decided to make some upgrades to area medical establishments with funding they’ve received from Germany.

The Novovolyns’k Central City Hospital, the City Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Dubno (Rivne region), the Regional Hospital in Radyvyliv (Rivne Oblast), the Red Cross in Novovolyns’k (Volyn’ region), and Geriatric Homes in Zhovtneve and Novovolyns’k (Volyn’ region) were recipients of this assistance,” states Fr. Volodymyr Kmet’, Director of Caritas Volyn’.

V. Stetsyuk, Emergency Medicine physician at the Radyvyliv Regional Hospital says that the donation, especially the children’s beds, will allow the hospital to improve patient care while giving the facility the comforts of home.

“The donation of new bed linens enabled us to replace all the old linen. Currently we cannot rely on the state to support healthcare, so we greatly appreciate the assistance that Caritas offers,” he noted.

Caritas Volyn’ was founded in February 2010. The organization strives to offer social assistance and support to the neediest members of society, regardless of their nationality or religion. Their primary activities include: distributing humanitarian aid, creating soup kitchens and children’s social centres, and providing targeted assistance to those who need it.

The organization is successfully fulfilling its mission. The Psycho-Social Support for Children of Labour Migrant’s program runs a Social Centre for children and adolescents.

It serves minors whose parents live abroad. These children lack parental guidance because they are being raised by family members or by their parents’ friends. This project hopes to reduce the negative impact of labour migration on society, specifically on children, to mitigate the trauma children endure when they are separated from a parent and to instil positive attitudes and family values in this young generation.

Caritas also periodically distributes humanitarian aid. The first shipment of aid was received from Belgium. It included second hand clothing, footwear, household items, dishes, toys and other items. The main bulk of this shipment was given to Ukrainian Greek Catholic churches in the Luts’k Exarchy and to charitable and community organizations; the remainder was given out to the citizens of Novovolyns’k.

A second donation was received from spiritual leaders of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in Bamberg, Germany. It included hospital furniture such as hospital beds, children’s beds, bedside stands, bed linen, towels, etc.

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