Drohobych Caritas Prepared Easter Breakfast for the Disadvantaged


For Easter employees, of the Caritas Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy UGCC, put on an Easter breakfast for the disadvantaged, homeless and socially vulnerable inhabitants of the city and surrounding areas.

Over 30 people who came for Easter breakfast experienced the joy of Christ’s resurrection, tasted deliciously prepared dishes and greeted one another with the traditional Christian greeting “Christ is Risen!” They felt spiritual warmth because they understood that members of their community care about them.

Employees of the local Caritas invited people far in advance, and many accepted the invitations gladly.

Easter breakfasts, similarly to Christmas Eve dinners have become traditional philanthropic events that Caritas organizes. “I couldn’t wait to come visit you again,” said 40 year old Stepan, who has no family; getting together with others and socializing during such events is practically the only thing that brings him joy in life.

Before breakfast those gathered prayed together and were greeted by Fr. Ihor Kozankevych, Director of the Drohobych Caritas. “Be happy and greet one another during this joyous Easter holiday!” said the priest, “we are lucky because we have once again gathered those who need our assistance around a festive holiday table.” Fr. Ihor blessed paskas and the other food on the table. After the food was blessed, he invited people to breakfast.

It was pleasant and moving to watch people enjoy the specially prepared dishes, share stories about their lives and sincerely thank organizers for the opportunity to have a nice Easter.

“We are eternally grateful for everyone who made donations of money, items or their time; without them, this breakfast would have been impossible. Some of the volunteers have helped in the past; they continue to volunteer for this event because they feel that by doing so, they invite the resurrected Jesus into their homes. The joy of Easter is fully experienced when a person shares it with others. It is very rewarding to see smiles and tears of joy on the faces of people who have come to us,” said Nataliya Yatsyk, a Caritas worker.

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