Discover artistic presents from challenged youth in holiday parcels!


19.12.12, Ukraine
Caritas Ukraine has launched this year collaborative art-project that joins dozens of youngsters with disabilities and well-known Lviv craftsmen. The aim of their collaboration is to create holiday presents that will be distributed among the community and draw attention to socialization problems of disabled people in our country.

Famous artists assisted in making of original Christmas presents, contributing their genuine style and manner to the creative pieces. Among them were Ostap Lozynskyj, Olya Kravchenko, Maryan Pyrig, Olga Pylnyk, Yevgeniya Ryabchun and Maryana Kvyatkovska. They say that such project is socially significant and creates an alternative for exported gifts.

At the end of 2011, in the framework «From Roman to Jordan» initiative, the variety of events – theatrical performances, workshops, Christmas fair, specials in galleries and cafes, music concert, – seized the Western part of Ukraine and the county’s capital.

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