Children of Labour Migrants


Near the city of Brody, in the L’viv region, Pidkamin-2011, a bright and enchanting ethnic festival, was held from 22-24 July. Children and youths from the Hundreds of Talents studio, which operates in Brody out of the local Caritas’ Psycho-social Support for Children of Labour Migrants project, had been anxiously awaiting the festival. This festival is truly a unique Ukrainian cultural-educational event which includes exhibitions, cultural entertainment, and cultural-educational programs.

The festival raised pressing, real issues related to instilling national consciousness in this and future generations. This is an even greater problem for children of labour migrants who often grow up with a deep sense of unfairness and anger towards their homeland.

The children of labour migrants don’t see a future for themselves in Ukraine because of their parent’s experiences, and eagerly move abroad at the first opportunity.

The endless energy at the Pidkamin festival gave children a sense of pride in their roots.
They saw Ukrainian music legends on stage that created an incredibly spirited and turbulent human sea of spectators and aroused a sense of love towards one’s native land and her fantastic landscapes.
“This allowed them to understand that Ukrainian land is underfoot, and every step they take on it is a blessing,” states Oksana Lotots’ka, Coordinator of Children’s Projects when sharing her impressions of the festival.

The raw energy of the ethnic festival filled the children with a sense of dignity and pride for their homeland and helped them to understand their role in building their nation-state.

The festival was very pleasant and helped them to feel a connection to this ethnically conscious group, helped guide their development and broadened their perspectives.

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