Children and youth, clients of Caritas in Stryi, took a dip into a summer vacation


24.07.13, Lviv region
Recently, spiritual and recreational camp for over two dozens of labor migrants’ children from Stryi came to an end. It lasted 5 days and took place in Ivano-Frankivsk region. During children stay in camp the weather was sunny with periods of warm summer rain. Kids actively spent their time being surrounded by vivid nature and, in particular, nearby the river.

Everyday youngsters took part in morning exercises, different contests, entertaining games, spiritual and educational trainings, and sport competitions. Children say they enjoyed the most spiritual trainings that finished with songs that involved mimics and gestures. Such exercises were conducted by Fr. Vasyl Gushuvatyi, Director of Caritas of Stryi Diocese of the UGCC.

Previously, camp for people with special needs was organized in Tukhlya village in Lvivska oblast. Its slogan was ‘Do you know that we have a community?’.

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