Caritas in Kolomyia initiated the fundraising campaign for victims in Philippines


18.11.13, Ukraine-Philippines
“In 2008 there was a catastrophe in Ukraine – the flood was ruthless. Great waters ruined houses of many Ukrainians, destroyed their farmsteads. In the darkest hour we received assistance from the whole world, humanitarian aid and money came from different countries. Now there is another disaster in Philippines. As a result of natural cataclysms many people died and thousands were left without means for living. We have to support them and get involved!” says Fr. Sergiy Tryfyak, Director of Caritas of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi Eparchy.  

The series of typhoons and also detrimental typhoon Haiyan took lives of nearly 10 thousand people. Children, women, men and seniors found themselves in a trap. Millions of people were left without roof above their heads, and simply without drinking water.

Furthermore, because of typhoon six hundred criminals broke free. It has rained heavily for some days and destroyed walls of the local prison. Typhoon ‘Haiyan’ raged since the end of last week. 11 million people became victims of the typhoon. Various countries render their assistance. The UNO addressed the world community to collect 300 million dollars.

Though citizens all over the globe consolidated in intention to help the victims, but there is lack of food supplies. Humanitarian crisis is a menace, and hunger could be an aftermath. Marauding raids are done by Philippines citizens on shops and warehouses with food supplies. Medical practitioners are afraid of disease outbreaks. People are evacuated, but shortage of technical equipment and human resources slows down this process. Meanwhile, sad statistics is getting refilled with new victims.

Caritas of Kolomyia-Chernivtsi Eparchy initiated the fundraising campaign among regional dwellers to help Philippines citizens in overcoming consequences of natural disaster that ruined lives of hundred thousand people.

Boxes, marked with words “Assistance to victims in Philippines”, will be installed in churches of the city and the whole Kolomyia-Chernivtsi Eparchy. Volunteers will be collecting money directly in the city. It is possible to make a donation on the charitable bank account of Caritas.

Fr. Sergiy Tryfyiak emphasizes: “We all face rather difficult times at the moment. Problems in the country make everyone worry about tomorrow and think over possible ways to earn a living for the family in period of financial and economic crisis. But, nevertheless, let’s remember that each donation assists in prevention of new deaths in Philippines.”

People can’t stand against the power of nature, but we all together can help to cope with outcomes of this natural disaster. Faith has to unite us in times of ordeal and reveal the best human qualities, mercy to the neighbor!

You can use the following bank details to assist Caritas Kolomyia in this charitable initiative:
Operating account 26007488915001
Commercial bank PrivatBank
Bank code 336677, code 26054921


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