Caritas Ukraine urges the government to support the Global Compact for Migration


Representatives of Caritas Ukraine have recently addressed to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to support the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which is being discussed at UN level. Several rounds of negotiations are expected to be held in New York, where delegates from different states are to draw up its final version. The compact shall be signed by the end of the year.

The compact contains no obligations and in case of any failure to fulfil it, the party shall not be a subject to responsibility. The document is based on the idea of international cooperation and the principle of shared responsibility. It guarantees the protection of fundamental rights of all migrants regardless their status and type of a journey.

The structure of the compact will combine all existing international migration obligations. After signing of the document these obligations are to be implemented in a long-term perspective.

The document contains 22 objectives, each supported by proposals on specific initiatives which might contribute to accomplish these objectives. Totally, 166 events are planned.

Caritas Ukraine urges the government to actively participate in the discussion of this Compact and by doing so enhance the protection of rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens who are planning their trip, travelling, staying abroad or returning to their homeland.

‘Nowadays, humanity is facing the largest migration flows in its history, and right now we have a unique opportunity to respond adequately to international cooperation and shared responsibility. The Global compact shall not solely be guided by laws and standards of human rights, its single word shall be focused on the protection of human rights’, commented Iryna Maievska, lawyer of Caritas Ukraine.

One of relevant objectives for Ukraine is an increase in a number of legal and safe migration channels. We consider that implementation of new ways for safe and legal labour migration for employees with different qualifications is one of the main instruments to reduce sufferings of many migrants. Ukrainians while looking for better opportunities in other counties often fall victims to human trafficking, smuggling and can be affected by exploitation due to their vulnerability.

Moreover, Caritas Ukraine draws attention to the urgency to immediately strengthen protection of our citizens who decided to go abroad by:

  • holding nationwide educational and information initiatives to raise awareness of all citizens regardless the purpose of their trip abroad about their rights and liabilities, necessary documents to stay abroad, information about possibilities to seek help in consular offices of Ukraine, public or charitable organizations;
  • conducting national information campaign and trainings to warn and educate citizens and employers, state officials and law enforcement, officers working in border regions, to detect signs of forced labour or human trafficking;
  • strengthening control over business entities providing intermediary services for employment abroad (licensed compnies and detection of uncertified entities);
  • enforcement of initiatives aimed at support of small business/family business in rural areas and district centers, regions adjacent to the state border.


By joining Caritas Internationalis Share the Journey campaign, Caritas Ukraine supports the need to urge governments to strengthen the provision of a civilized response to challenges of modern migration by accepting the Global compact.

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