Caritas Ukraine realizes the project “Implementation of Case management аpproach to work with IDPs”


20.01.16, Ukraine

Since November 2015, Caritas Ukraine provides case management services for IDPs from Eastern Ukraine within the project “Implementation of Case Management Approach to Work with IDPs”. The project is implemented in Kyiv, Odessa, Kramatorsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia.

Very often IDPs are facing social and economic challenges requiring rapid response. There is an urgent need for receiving information and access to available local services that can provide assistance. In this case, it is necessary to introduce case management approach that would provide assessment of the needs, planning for problem solving, necessary services or control of appropriate service providers for each individual in need. This integrated approach will allow people to get quick access to available services, as well as to improve their effectiveness, and ensure extensive support of the IDPs.

Under the terms of the project, each family that is facing two or more challenging situations may apply to Caritas for help. Workers of the Fund will introduce family to the case-management service if basic needs of the family have been already provided (housing, food, clothing, footwear).

By the end of February 2016 participation of about 500 IDPs families in the service is envisaged. Case manager will help them to identify their main needs, their strengths, and establish an action plan to overcome the difficult situation. Usually, to surmount difficulties it is extremely important to have structured plan as well as to be informed about services that give support to those who want to improve their standards of living.

Today, most families request for help in resolving legal, medical, psychological and humanitarian (clothing, footwear, food), and social issues. The priority of a case manager is the integration of internal potential of client and community resources to address the basic problems of man. At the same time, a case manager prepares an individual to deal with difficult situations independently and to be aware about the organizations and the resources currently available in the community.

Initiative “Implementation of Case Management Approach to Work with IDPs” in supported by UNDP Ukraine within the framework of “Rapid Response to Social and Economic Issues of Internally Displaced People in Ukraine” Project and the Government of Japan. The Project “Rapid Response to Social and Economic Issues of Internally Displaced People in Ukraine” is implemented by UNDP and funded by the Japanese Government and in partnership with the Government of Ukraine, regional and local authorities.

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