My Dream art competition held in the L’viv Region


Recently, the Caritas Brody project Psycho-Social Support for the Children of Labour Migrants held a children’s art competition. The competition was called My Dream. Children, aged 10-16, who are clients of Brody’s creative studio 100 Talents in the L’viv region participated in the contest. This studio works with children whose parents live abroad. Winners and specific nominees of the contest were selected. The remaining participants were given prizes for participation.

The awards ceremony was held at the Feast of the Cross church after the Divine Liturgy.

The winner of the My Dream contest was thirteen year old Olya Koval whose painting best depicted the topic of the competition. Olya explained that her painting was a message to adults not to lose sight of the fact that children need adult attention, and that adults should make time to hang out with children.

All the paintings made by the children of labour migrants emitted light, warm and happy lives. All those present, both children and adults, left with pleasant impressions and positive.

“We will try to have more such festivities in the future for our children, so that each day can be like a good story, because these kids will improve our lives,” states Oksana Lototska, Project Coordinator of Psycho-Social Support for the Children of Labour Migrants at the local Caritas.

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