In Ivano-Frankivs’k another children’s camp organized by Caritas has ended


From 11-19 July, the summer camp Country of My Dreams took place in the city of Yaremche, in the Ivano-Frankivs’k region. The camp was organized with the goal of reducing the number of children of labour migrants who are unsupervised during the summer school holidays. The camp was run by Caritas Brody of the L’viv region. Eighteen children from the city of Brody participated in the camp.

All of them are clients of the long standing project Psycho-Social Support for Children of Labour Migrants.

“The camp program was very diversified and included interesting excursions along the Dovbush paths, up the Makovytsya Mountain and the Manyavs’kyy cliffs, and to the Probiy and Girl’s Tears waterfalls.

The children also visited a wild game preserve and celebrated Ivana-Kupala with Kupala songs and wreaths,” explains Oksana Lotots’ka, Project Coordinator for Psycho-Social support for Children of Labour Migrants.

Caritas workers added special contests and creative workshops to the already packed camp program. Their goal was to get the children together to improve their emotional state and to showcase their creative talents.

The Country of My Dreams camp supplied all the provisions for the young dreamers: quality nutrition, qualified medical staff and counsellors, quiet residence halls, a playground and sports field, a play room, recreation and sporting events, and most importantly sincere love and care from the staff.

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