Young People from Caritas Ternopil Lead Excursions


The Ternopil region is famous for its castles. Nearly every administrative centre has historical architectural buildings. Some have been maintained fairly well, some are currently being restored while the majesty of others can only be guessed at from the ruins they have left behind. History is important for each of us, especially the history of the places from which our ancestors came from.

With this in mind, an excursion of Ternopil’s Castles was organized for the clients of the Mobile Work with Youth project. Workers of Caritas Ternopil had the great idea of turning their clients into tour guides. “We asked for volunteers from among our clients. A boy from Mykulyntsi (which is first noted in 1096) volunteered to show us around his town. When our group arrived in Mykulyntsi we enthusiastically crawled around the ruins of the castle built in the 16th century.

Our guide explained how he and his friends explored this area in their childhood, showed us underground passageways they discovered and retold stories they heard from the older inhabitants.

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