What Rights do Ukrainian Families with HIV infected Children Have?


Recently the Coordinator of Caritas Kyiv’s project Mobile Work with Children and Young People in Ukraine participated in the official presentation of survey results. The survey explored the current state of treatment, care and support of HIV infected children. The presentation was made for partners and the press at the Ukrayinski Novyny facilities.

The survey was financed by UNICEF. It was conducted by the O. Yaremenko Ukrainian Institute for Social Research as a part of the joint programs implemented by UNICEF and the Ukrainian government in 2006-2011.

According to official statistics kept since 1987, 30,300 children have been born to HIV positive mothers in Ukraine. As of 1 July 2011, 2,669 children were confirmed to be infected with HIV; another 6,402 were awaiting the results of their HIV tests.

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