Volunteers from all over the world came to “Nasha hata” (“Our house”) to assist homeless people


11.08.2015 Ukraine

Visits of young and active volunteers from abroad to “Nasha hata” community of mutual aid became a good tradition. This community – one of Caritas structures, is located in Ryhtychi village.

“Nasha hata” is created for people who don’t have a constant place for dwelling or found themselves in complicated conditions due to various life circumstances. These are predominantly lonely and abandoned elderly people, but there are also younger persons that face the same situation in their lives. The community closely cooperates with other similar organizations that are reliable partners for the development. These are: French community “Emmaus”, “Oselya” from Lviv city and also German organization IBO (construction work).

This time volunteers from German community IBO came to take care of the homeless and assist in the development of “Nasha hata”. It is interesting to note that people from different countries – Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Canada, France, Holland and Poland – are members of this volunteer movement.

“It is the best for me to spend my vacation time travelling the world and performing some good work for people. And this time I found a super-offer – come to Ukraine, this country is a mystery for me. Apart from this, due to the last events I really wanted to come to you. I have some experience of volunteering work, I was a volunteer in a house for homeless people in my city Montreal. I am incredibly astonished by your country, this is what I looked for. I plan to visit Crimea when it becomes a part of Ukraine again,” Charles Ledou, 19-year-old student of Canadian Chemistry University, shares his impressions.

It is worth mentioning that people of various age take part in a volunteer movement, these are not just young boys and girls, but also seniors who are now pensioners that want to perform some useful work for the world.

Monica, a woman of German origin, came to Ukraine for the first time. She says that in “Nasha Hata” there is a pleasant atmosphere and a great background for further development. “I enjoy assisting people, it is my way of living. Earlier I was travelling to various countries, and now I do this too. But besides this I use every possibility for a good action. That’s why I came to Ukraine. In Germany I am involved in the Catholic community that serves people in everyday life, I am working with volunteers and is one of them,” she notes.

In April six volunteers from France, Burgundy region, members of Emmaus volunteering movement, visited Drohobych. Their visit was aimed to assist the community of homeless people “Nasha hata” (“Our house”) who are beneficiaries of local Caritas.

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