The Spring Holiday United Different Generations of Caritas Clients in Ivano-Frankivs’k


Recently nearly 35 young people gathered on the grounds of the Assumption of the Holy Mary Parish in the village of Krykhivtsi (a suburb of Ivano-Frankivs’k). This number included individuals with disabilities, children of labour migrants and volunteers from the local Caritas.

The church yard was filled with songs such as My kryvoho tantsyu ydem, Posiyala ohirochky and Verbovaya doshchechka. The children and youngsters danced with enthusiasm: they intertwined their arms, pantomimed events, passed through human tunnels in pairs, zigzagged and just danced. They danced to the accompaniment of Patronychi led by Ivana Malyka.

Hayivka (Ukrainian spring dances) allow girls and boys to express their interest in one another. During one song, they sing: Float, float little duck on the green wreath; pick for yourself, little duck the girl you like the best,” and children pick a mate from among the dancers.

The elderly from the Nadvechir geriatric club joined the children and youngsters in the celebration. They joined the dancing youngsters with great enthusiasm.

One Nadvechir members stated: “When I was younger this would’ve been impossible: this joy that is generated when we gather by church and sing and dance hayivkas. Value your freedom to worship God!”

After the hayivkas there was a dessert buffet and people shared their impressions and talked about their future plans and hopes. The spring event was very interesting for the young people because it was fun and it allowed them to learn about Ukrainian traditions. Hayivkas are a long standing and interesting historical part of our people; it welcomes spring, praises God and prepares people to work in the fields.

The days following Easter are celebrated with overwhelming joy, warm hearts, met expectations and the reinforcement faith.

The time of Easter symbolizes and gives more meaning to the Resurrection. We hope that spring hears our calls and will start to warm us,” said Oksana, a young client of the local Caritas.

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