The Annual Help a Neighbour Event Held in Novovolyns’k


Caring for families which have found themselves in difficult situations, for orphans and the disabled is a never ending nationwide task. To help care for these groups the Novovolyns’k Caritas held its second annual Help a Neighbour fundraiser.

The goal of the fundraiser was to purchase items (grocery items, sweets, toys, cleaning supplies, etc) that were then distributed to those who are less fortunate—those experiencing financial difficulties, the disabled and orphans.

The event started at 11am on 21 April in the Vopak, Ridnyy Kray, Al’fa and Nash supermarkets in Novovolyns’k. Special donation boxes where shoppers could place items they purchased for the less fortunate were located in the supermarkets. The boxes and donated items were collected at 8pm. After the items were sorted they were distributed to families and individuals.

The Centre for Social Services for Families, Children and Youth, Caritas Volyn’, the city’s Church Association and other community organizations organized the fundraiser. Organizers reported that 80 disadvantaged families, which included 131 children, obtained help during the Easter holiday.

This event once again proved that the inhabitants of Novovolyns’k care about their less fortunate neighbours and are willing to help them. Their acts of kindness gave others love, warmth and joy.

Fr. Volodymyr Kmet’, one of the event’s organizers stated: “Children are our future, the future of our country. Regardless of how mundane this sounds, we have to remember this fact. Doing good deeds unites us, the inhabitants of Novovolyns’k, into one big family. As the saying goes “Throw bread in the water and it will come back to you!”

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