Self Help Group for the Homeless Develops Institutional Capacity


Isn’t it strange and sad that some people in Ukraine, because of unfortunate circumstances, loose the roof over their heads and become dispensable? Where should they go, from whom should they expect help? And can they always be held responsible for their situations?

The Drohobych Caritas helps the homeless by operating the Our House shelter. “With our efforts and the help of good people, we try to provide the homeless with the most basic physiological needs. You too can help the homeless! Bring clothing that you no longer wear and other things you no longer use. By helping them you attest to the fact that these people are not abandoned or alone.

At the same time you are helping yourselves because everything you do for others will come back to you!” says Fr. Ihor Kozankevych, Director of the local Caritas.

Recently a meeting was held with representatives from Emmaus International. This organization focuses on assisting those who have been cast out by society (by uniting them in the organization and communal living), as well as through acts of solidarity, developing local initiatives, and protecting human rights. In Ukraine Emmaus dedicates a lot of attention on integrating disabled individuals and supporting the homeless self help group Oselya.

At a meeting of Caritas, employees from Our House and Emmaus representatives discussed Our House joining other shelters across the world in an association, which would allow them to exchange their experiences with methodologies, financing and hiring staff. Our House is the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church’s only homeless shelter.

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