Round Table Held at the Centre for Psycho-Social Assistance for Children of Labour Migrants


In an attempt to understand the positive and negative consequences of labour migration, the problems that the children of labour migrants face, and to identify what assistance the Centre for Psycho-Social Assistance for Children of Labour Migrants run by the Caritas Sambir Drohobych eparchy of the UGCC can offer, a round table held. The topic of the discussion was: How to prevent migration from ruining human lives?

Psychologists and social workers from educational establishments in Drohobych, and Methodists from the Department of Education were invited to participate. The discussion was open to everyone who has direct contact with children in Ukraine and has a strong desire to help prevent them from becoming virtual orphans.

During the gathering, staff from the Together—Stronger Centre broached the issue of labour migration: the problems that children of labour migrants encounter and the psychological, social and educational work that is designed to assist them. Guests invited to participate in the round table included Halyna Yadzhak and Iryna Slavych who have many years experience working to prevent human trafficking. They familiarized those present with this terrible phenomenon and how Caritas can help its victims.

“We need to reach out to people before they become victims of human trafficking, not after. We need to work with children and young people, publicize this problem, and publicize the statistics concerning trafficked Ukrainians abroad,” says Ms. Slavych.

During the second half of the discussion, Caritas employees and education representatives agreed to cooperate and conduct several joint events. By the end of the discussion participants were well acquainted with the problems that children of labour migrants face and the consequences of labour migration.

Moreover, the event served as a nudge and was an eye opening experience. It showed other ways to approach helping children of labour migrants, how to find new, effective, and diverse approaches to prevent human trafficking and how to help its victims.

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