People in need received 2,500 thousand pairs of new shoes from Caritas in Ukraine


26.11.12, Ukraine
Deichmann company via Caritas Essen provided assistance for Ukrainians in critical life conditions. This became possible after getting acquainted with project on arrangement of network of heating points for homeless and socially unprotected people. Project was implemented by Caritas Ukraine in the winter of 2012 during abnormal frosts.

At that time all regions of Ukraine were suffering from incredibly cold winter that hadn’t been typical for the preceding 6 years. The temperature reached 30 °C below zero at night. There were consequences of such weather condition, in particular, problems with heating, water and electricity supply, public transport staging and access to distant residential areas; cities municipal infrastructure and small households faced considerable material losses. But the majority of problems came down on poor individuals, seniors, the ill and isolated, homeless people and addicted to alcohol or drugs, poverty-stricken children and youth.

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