Over One Hundred Pupils in Kolomiya were Helped by Caritas


On September 1st, 110 pupils attended the first day of school carrying gifts from Caritas of the Kolomiya-Chernivtsi Eparchy. The School Book Bag event ended just before the start of the new school year. Children from poor and multi-child families were given book bags and school supplies.
This year Caritas held the fifth annual School Book Bag event in Kolomiya. It is delightful that with each passing year, more and more children are helped. Last year enough money was raised to supply 50 stocked book bags; this year they handed out twice as many. Taras Buchovs’kyy, Coordinator of the School Book Bag event noted that nearly 20,000 UAH was raised, and that donations of book bags and school supplies were also accepted.

By combining their efforts, the community helped Caritas to pull the event off on a much larger scale than last year.

Each book bag was valued between 170 and 200 UAH. They include notebooks, coloured paper, folders, plastic geometric forms, paints, colouring books, journals, pencil cases with pens and pencils, and many other needed school supplies. The brands purchased were promised to be colourful, of good quality, and ecologically friendly.

The proud first grader Valentyn came to Caritas with his grandmother to receive his first ever school book bag. This was a very exciting moment for the child, and he memorized a poem of thanks to recite to the staff. All the children were ecstatic, regardless of their age, sex or place of residence. Fourteen year old Mykhaylo curiously inspected his book bag. He knows what the supplies inside and the bag itself cost and was overjoyed that at least the burden of spending family finances on these things was taken off his mother’s shoulders.

Caritas of the Kolomiya-Chernivtsi Eparchy extends their sincerest thanks to all those who helped make September 1st a real holiday for the area’s children!

Video you can see here.

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