Nazareth Rehabilitation Centre in the L’viv Region is visited by Talented Musicians


On Sunday, 5 February, as the Christmas holiday season came to an end, clients of the Nazareth Rehabilitation Centre in the L’viv Region received special guests. The guests came from the National Drama Theatre at the Ukrainian House in the village of Obroshyno. Oberih and the youth group Zhyttya Prekrasne came to put on a special holiday concert.

Mykhaylo Fedechko, People’s Deputy from the Village Council organized the event. The concert included a live Nativity play, carols and a comedy act. Everyone enjoyed the show and the sincerity and openness of the performers. Zoryana Rohozhyns’ka, Creative Manager of the theatre greeted the audience and wished them success, patience, persistence and God’s blessings.

But that wasn’t all. After that the youth group Zhyttya Prekrasne with Olesya Dobush, Bohdana Kurylo, and Mykola Svyshcha sang carols. Their performance was captivating. Old carols performed with modern interpretations, touched the hearts of everyone in the audience.

The concert ended with a standing ovation. The performers mingled with Nazareth clients, toured the facility, and had tea before heading home. Fr. Ihor Shved, Director of Nazareth explained the clients’ schedules, answered numerous questions posed by the interested visitors, shared stories of the Centre’s early days and told of the efforts made to create what visitors saw—a quiet place for those who need it.

Before the visitors left the clients and staff sincerely thanked everyone who donated their time to visit the Rehabilitation Centre. They also invited the musicians to visit at any time.

Fr. Ihor says: “Such events are very important for those in rehabilitation! They are happy at any chance to socialize and share their feelings. This helps them keep faith in themselves, in the good of others, and in the fact that God loves each of them.”

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