More than fifty people in need reunited for Christmas Eve in Caritas of the Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy


15.01.13, Lviv region
Christmas fairy-tale enjoyed strolling in the sky and assembling tiny twinkling stars to braid them in its splendid hair. Such performance can be observed only at Christmas when heavens are too close to the ground and people become detached from routine worries and fuss. Employees and volunteers of Caritas in Drohobych have also joined Christmas fairy-tale and held Holy Dinner for homeless and isolated individuals.

“These are people who have no financial possibilities to buy necessary kitchen-stuff and lay holiday table. Due to absence of their own home, they are unable to gather with family at big festive table. They have no place to go for Christmas dinner, because nobody is waiting for them. And there are many people of this kind that surround us.

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