More than 110.000 Ukrainians have become victims of human trafficking for the period of independence. How to counter this?


19.11.12, Ukraine
We are glad to share the interview with workers of Caritas Odessa UGCC, in which they speak about their longstanding and far-reaching experience in combating human trafficking. Svitlana Kolodchyn (coordinator of Consultative Center on Countering Human Trafficking in Odessa), Iryna Khmarska (trainer-consultant), Lyubov Butkovska (coordinator of Consultative Center on Countering Human Trafficking in Yuzhne) took part in the discussion.

What are the components of human trafficking prevention? What are your particular steps in this direction? What methods do you apply?
Iryna Khmarska: Activities on human trafficking prevention in Yuzhne are grounded on providing information to population (in most cases personally I take responsibility for work here). This city is quite small (less than 30.000 citizens), it lacks job places so that people in search of work go to bigger towns and other countries.

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