L’viv Photos Recognized in Donetsk Photo Competition Live it Up without Cigarettes


Sometimes a picture can say more than a 1000 words. Photographs are understood throughout the world.

For this reason they held a photo contest Live it Up without Cigarettes in Donetsk. The contest promotes healthy lifestyles and saying “No” to smoking. The Donetsk City’s Department of Families, Youth and International Relations and the Donetsk City Youth Centre organized the contest.

Clients of Caritas Brody’s Social and Psychological Support for Children of Labour Migrants who take classes at the One Hundred Talents studio participated in the contest. The children entered the contest because they wanted to participate in a series of events entitled My Life without Harmful Habits, which were held on the eve of the contest.

“The goal of the event was to encourage children and adolescents to take responsibility for their health by adopting certain behaviours. It is always pleasant and beneficial to encourage young people to gain knowledge, identify their values and worldview, and to distribute accurate information about their health among them,” says Oksana Lototska, Coordinator of the Social and Psychological Support for Children of Labour Migrant’s project in Brody.

The contest gave the children a terrific opportunity to integrate the things they learned and express their imagination and creative skills. It was helpful that Ms. Lototska’s hobby is photography—all week children clients of the local Caritas, led by the project leader practiced photography. The results were more than they hoped for—the kids won third place in the photo contest in Donetsk and got a special prize.

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