Leaders of Community Organizations Familiarize themselves with Caritas Ukraine’s


At the beginning of February attendees of the Non-Profit Management Organization’s one year certification program organized by the Leadership and Management Institute of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) visited the national headquarters of Caritas Ukraine. During 2011-2012 26 representatives from non-profit organizations in the Crimea, Odesa, Donetsk, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivs’k, Kharkiv, Poltava, and Khmel’nyts’kyy regions participated in the program which is financed by Caritas Germany.

Nataliya Mysula, Program Coordinator of UCU’s Leadership and Management Institute explains: “Students visit successful and interesting non-profit organizations in the L’viv region as part of the Researching the Community course. This helps them better understand non-profit organizations, analyze interesting management models and share their experiences and successes.

It is especially interesting for them to learn how organizations connected to the Church work. Caritas Ukraine is one of the best examples due to their list of successes and accomplishments, their unique experiences and what they’ve learned from the mistakes they’ve made in the past.”

The students listened to a presentation of Caritas Ukraine’s various projects. The presentation was led by Anatoliy Kozak, General Secretary. A second presentation on Health Care was led by Dzvenyslava Chaykivs’ka.

The meeting was held in the Andrey Sheptytsky hospital which is a uniquely successful philanthropic establishment and therefore, a good example of a quality non-profit organization. The students took part in a question and answer session and a discussion with representatives of Caritas Ukraine which was especially interesting.

The mission of UCU’s Leadership and Management Institute is to form civil society by teaching and raising Christian leaders for Ukraine’s non-profit sector. Their work and teaching is based on moral principles united with applied knowledge, practical skills and individual potential. Aside from this the Institute is grounded on international standards and is well recognized by experts.

The Leadership and Management Institute at UCU was created by the union of two structures: the Centre for Churchgoing Leadership and the Institute of Non-Profit Management. As a structure the LMI was recognized by the Academic council in June of 2010 and by order of the UCU Chancellor on 17 November, 2010.

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