Kolomyya Caritas Held an Auction to Raise Funds for the Easter Basket Event


Helping the socially vulnerable in our society is the main mission of the Caritas Kolomyya-Chernivtsi Eparchy. To realize this goal they hold a slew of events every year. The Easter Basket event is an especially well established tradition. Organizers of this event plan on distributing fully stocked Easter baskets to nearly 150 disadvantaged individuals. They will contain the grocery items needed to celebrate a traditional Ukrainian Easter.

To raise funds for this event the Easter in Every Home auction was held at the Caritas Kolomyya-Chernivtsi Eparchy’s press centre. The auction lots contained leather items, Easter greeting cards and three dozen pysankas [Ukrainian Easter Eggs] made by children from Caritas’s Social Centre.

Deacon Serhiy Tryf’yak, Director of the Caritas Kolomyya-Chernivtsi Eparchy states that during lent we should remember people who need our help. By participating in the auction, people had the chance to bring joy to those less fortunate than they.

Local government officials, spiritual leaders and businessmen were invited to the auction. Unfortunately, not everyone came but the event was nonetheless successful. All the lots sold quickly. The most expensive item was a pysanka that was bought for 1000 UAH by Volodymyr Dovhanyuk. Pysankas made by the children will also grace the Easter baskets of Ulyana Mandrusyak, Director of the Department of Culture and Tourism for the Kolomyya City Council, Lyudmyla Fedor, Director of the Department of Culture and Tourism for the Kolomyya Regional Council, Lesya Bilyshchak, Vice-President of the Kolomyya Regional Council, Lyubomyr Hlushkov, Deputy in the City Council, and others.

Bishop Mykola Kyr (Simkaylo) was one of the more active auction participants. He purchased lots for a total of nearly 1,500 UAH.

“This is a good cause and I was happy to help Caritas. I was happy to see government officials and private individuals at the auction. Together we can help disadvantaged people celebrate Easter comfortably. This is our holiday responsibility,” said the Bishop.

After a short break to sum up the proceeds of the auction, they announced that nearly 10,000 UAH were raised. When you take, you fill your hands—when you give, you fill your heart!

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