In the Volyn’ Region, Caritas Distributes 9 Medicines Costing nearly 1 Million UAH


This past winter, Dzvenyslava Chaykivs’ka, Director of the Sheptytsky Hospital in L’viv sent humanitarian assistance, in the form of medicines, to Caritas Volyn’. “In February-May 18 health establishments, in the Volyn’ and Rivne regions, which turned to the local Caritas for assistance, received medicines to pass along to their patients at no cost. Nine types of medicines were given out which cost nearly 1 million UAH,” explains Fr. Volodymyr, Director of Caritas Volyn’.

The following establishments received medicines: the Novovolyns’k Central City Clinic, Ivanychivs’k Central Regional Clinic, the Territorial Medical Union of the Lyuboml’skyy and Shats’kyy regions, Radyvylivs’k Regional Clinic, Lokachyns’k Central Regional Clinic, the Kovel’ Central Regional Clinic, the Rivne Regional Clinic, the Volyn’ Regional Hospital for War Veterans, the Luts’k Harnizonnyy Military Hospital, Horokhivs’k Regional Clinic, Torchyns’k Regional Clinic and the Manevyts’k Central Regional Clinic. Similarly non-medical establishments received the medicines. These establishments included: Sanatorium Minter, the higher communal educational establishment The Dybno Medical College, the Rivne Regional Department of Health, the Territorial Centre for Social Services in Novovolyns’k and the Manevyts’k Penal colony.

Caritas Volyn’ notes that it is quite difficult for medical establishments to obtain state allocated medicines and for this reason representatives of the above mentioned establishments gladly received these donated medicines and express their most sincere thanks for this assistance.

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