In the Odesa region Caritas protects Ukrainians from human trafficking


At the end of July, Caritas employees conducted a seminar on the warning signs of human trafficking for a group of unemployed Ukrainians. The seminar was held at the City Employment Centre in the city of Yuzhne. Fifteen individuals participated. Caritas seminars are provide concrete practical examples, advice and recommendations. Similarly, at this seminar one of the participants told of her friend who became a victim of a fraudulent scheme to travel to the USA through the student Work and Travel program.

The unpleasantness resulted from the women not carefully reading her contract before signing it at one of the program’s offices.

Based on this example, Caritas trainers Iryna Khmars’ka and Olena Baranova led a discussion called “10 Steps to Safely Deal with Middle-men.” A follow up survey showed that every participant at the training received beneficial information for themselves and for their friends at the seminar.

As the individuals who lead trainings on how to prevent human trafficking emphasize, it is important for the details of labour relations to be open and widely available to the general public.

Kateryna Derevyashko, a training participant, said: “A great big thank you to the Caritas employees for their excellent qualifications and innovativeness in their work.

I hope that similar seminars are conducted in schools and establishments of higher education to protect our children from human rights violations, and to give them the opportunity to maintain their dignity while earning a living.”

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