In the L’viv Region the School for Family Counselling is Flourishing


“Don’t you want to be happy in your relationship: to give the people closest to you a moment of happiness and to feel loved by them? Maybe you don’t know or haven’t thought about this? But it is valuable to learn the skills that will make such things possible. The School for Family Counselling which was established at the Caritas Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy was started to help people master these skills,” notes Fr. Ihor Kozankevych, Director of the local Caritas.

The School for Family Counselling has already started classes. At the grand opening representatives from the Church and local government were invited. Fr. Ivan Hnativ, head of the Patriarchal Commission of Education, and Oleksandr Pashko, Director of the Department of Families, Youth and Tourism joined in welcoming students.

The students at the School for Family Counselling come from different walks of life. Participants included education workers, medical workers, social workers and many others who are united by a desire to advise, resolve conflicts, and help parents and children or husbands and wives understand and support one another.

The first session was full of interesting information, real life examples from experienced teachers and practical exercises designed to help the students master what they have learned. Participants enriched their life experiences by interpreting the Scriptures on the calling of people to live in marriage, about natural family planning, about ways to overcome marital crisis, and also about family counselling.

The information was presented and explained in a way that made it easy to understand by experienced lecturers Fr. Ihor Kozankevych, Fr. Ihor Tsmokanych, Taras Kotsyuba, Oleksandra Kozankevych and Nataliya Tsyupka.

Because a counsellor is privy to many aspects of other peoples’ lives and have to be ready to give advice to people from different backgrounds, students at the School for Family Counselling have another two years of study ahead of them that will be filled with interesting teachers, materials and the ability to gain new skills. We are doing everything possible to improve the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical lives of couples in the L’viv region.

So let God bless them with the successful completion of these courses, and may He give them patience, determination and the strength to achieve their desired results!

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