Disabled Friend Pairs Visited the Pysanka Museum in Kolomyya


The annual Easter Basket Event helped 250 families put food on the table for Easter. Before Easter Sunday disadvantaged families received food baskets and headed home with smiles on their faces.

Last year more than 12,000 UAH was spent making 150 gift baskets. This year, the same funds allowed 100 more gift baskets to be given out. This was possible because of the varied fundraising activities conducted: a charitable auction and donations made by sponsors and parishioners of the Kolomyya-Chernivtsi eparchy.

“This year the entire Kolomyya-Chernivtsi eparchy participated in the event,” emphasized the Associate Director of the local Caritas. “Each Greek Catholic parish participated in raising funds so that groceries could be purchased for the Easter gift baskets. We wanted to accomplish several things first, to help those who really need our help and people need food every day. Second, we wanted them to feel God’s love and goodness during this blessed time.”

The Easter gift baskets included: Paska (Ukrainian Easter bread), eggs, kovbasa, oil, butter, 2kg of flour, 1kg of sugar, butter and rice and sweets.

Disadvantaged individuals in Kolomyya and the surrounding areas as well as residents of other districts in the eparchy received the gift baskets. Families who received the baskets included those with many children, single mother families, the disabled, the elderly and those without family.

Volodymyr Semak was among the individuals who came to collect an Easter gift basket. This single man has been a Caritas client for 3 years. “Caritas helps me with everything. I am very grateful that they were able to distribute Easter gift baskets again. My sincerest thanks to everyone who works at this charitable foundation,” said Mr. Semak.

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