In Ivano-Frankivs’k Volunteers and Disabled Children Master Touching People’s Hearts


During October, the Help Another—Become a Friend project at the Caritas Ivano-Frankivs’k UGCC sponsored 2 group events for 10 friend pairs: Making Christmas Greeting Cards and Glass Decoupage. The joint creative work helped the pairs better understand one another.

Each friend pair, led by a social worker, learned and perfected the skills needed for making things out of paper, and uncovered the secrets of decoupage and painting glass. It was very interesting to make Christmas greeting cards together, paint mugs, and decorate candles and wooden frames.

Each participant showcased their creative talents and skills; everyone shared their experiences with their friend.

“I am very lucky to have Yulya as a friend. She helped me make a greeting card that I will give to Zuta for Christmas. . I taught Yulya how to decorate a mug.

She will drink tea from it and remember me,” says Khrystynka Maydanyuk, a client of the Centre for Recreation and Social Rehabilitation for Special Needs Youth at the Ivano-Frankivs’k Caritas.

While we worked and talked with our young friends we discovered their unique features—their ability to touch our hearts, our emotions, and that which makes us more human,” volunteer Roman Hryniv noted.

These events were made possible by funding from the Network of Cooperating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe, Scan Foundation, and the Carpathian Foundation (Foundation to Develop Carpathian Euro-Region) through the Friends Program It takes Two: Help Another—Become a Friend.

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