In Brody, Regional Cooperation Initiated to Improve the Lives of Children of Labour Migrants


On 7 February, Caritas Brody helped organize a regional seminar at the Ivan Trusha Gymnasium in Brody (L’viv region) for practicing psychologists and social pedagogues working in secondary schools and other children’s establishments in the Brody district. The topic of the seminar was Diagnostic and Prophylactic Work of Social Pedagogues with children of labour migrants.

The seminar explored the problems children of this group encounter, discussed approaches for working with them, and fostering cooperation between education and social services workers and state and non-governmental organizations. Yuliya Prysyazhnyuk, a social pedagogue from the project Psycho-Social Support for the Children of Labour Migrants initiated the event.

14 practicing psychologists and 6 social pedagogues from the district took part in the seminar. Th

e seminar opened with a prayer led by Fr. Yaroslav Tsaryk, Director of the local Caritas. Participants watched a video called While Parents aren’t Watching which illustrated the problems the group discussed. An informational booklet written for families affected by labour migration was presented and distributed to participants.

Materials intended to assist social pedagogues, practicing psychologists and homeroom teachers in their work with children whose parents spend a significant amount of time away from home were also reviewed.

The materials outline fundamental principles used for conducting social-pedagogical and psychological work with children of labour migrants and gives examples of exercises, topics and approaches used when working with children, parents and their loved ones.

Participants of the seminar together created a Tree of Experience. It included practical exercises and approaches that the group came up with that could be used in certain situations.

The outcome of the seminar was an agreement reached between schools, Caritas Brody, and City Social Services to continue to work together to positively influence the children of labour migrants in the Brody area.

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