‘Happy holidays with Caritas’ started in Khmelnytskiy


26.06.13, Khmelnytskiy
Improvement of health condition among children and youth in Ukraine became a hot-button issue for their parents because of social and economic situation. It is no use talking about full-fledged rest under the conditions of constant belt-tightening and lack of money for such needs as nutrition, clothing and shoes, education, medical service for treatment or disease prevention, strengthening of health.

If these problems are vital in average families, it’s obvious that children from poverty-stricken, large, crisis and single-parent families are particularly deprived of attention and are in need of care.  

That’s why, for recent years Caritas Khmelnytskiy carries out summer recreation camp for children and youth who found themselves in crisis life circumstances. The last one was launched in the middle of June. It is called ‘Happy holidays with Caritas’.

The target group consists of children and youth who face complicated living conditions, all in all there are 30 clients of Caritas Khmelnytskiy.

Dmytro Lysyi, head of the camp, retells: “The camp is aimed to improve physical and spiritual health of children and youth. Its objective is to organize varied events on strengthening health condition, development artistic skills among children and youth, improving agility, skills of travelling and excursions. Moreover, we employ thematic activities with role play, trainings and discussions. Perennial experience allows choosing the best for children!”.

There are great number of musical performances and artistic workshops during ‘Happy holidays with Caritas’; all interested individuals receive opportunities for self-actualization and stage act in front of audience. Joy and smile are two right fellows of camp participants in Khmelnytskiy. Shared games, entertainment and learning activities encourage amicable relationships, weld young team, teach to survive in complicated living conditions and what is the most important – pay attention at rendering aid to neighbors.

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