Faith and Light’s 20th Anniversary Celebrated at a Camp in the L’viv Region


18.07.2012, Lviv region
“Happy Birthday!” Under this slogan a four day recreational camp was held for Faith and Light members from Striy and Drohobych. The camp was held at the Holy Family Recollection Centre in the village of Hoshiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region. The name of the camp was chosen because it is the organization’s 20th year working in Ukraine. And what’s a birthday party without guests and gifts? Faith and Light members invited guests from Caritas Striy Eparchy of the UGCC’s Centre for Recreation and Social Adaptation for the Disabled and others to share the joy of this special occasion. Overall there were more than 70 people at camp.

Jean Vanier, co-founder of the Faith and Light movement stated that: “in each of us, as in every turtledove that sings, star that shines and in every tree, we have a unique beauty and a unique place in this universe.”

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