Consulting Centre for Preventing Human Trafficking in the Odesa Region Creatively and Effectively Distributes Information


On 23 November, Anima, the interactive youth centre for volunteerism which is run by Caritas Odesa UGCC’s Consulting Centre for Preventing Human Trafficking participated in a seminar held by the regional club Tvorchist (Creativity). Tvorchist is compromised of creatively employed Vice-Principles in the Odesa region.

Nearly 30 individuals participated in the seminar. It was held at the M. P. Huzyk Author’s Specialized School #3. The Yuzhne City Centre for Social Services for Families, Children and Youth organized the seminar. The topic was: Providing Assistance to People in Difficult Life Circumstances.

During the activity, volunteers from the Anima Centre presented an interactive miniature “Say STOP! To Human Trafficking, and handed out informational booklets entitled My Personal Advisor.

During the round table young participants gave feedback on the seminar and Yaroslava Kupriy, Vice-Principle from an Odesa general school stated: “It is nice to see close cooperation in Yuzhne between NGOs and state institutions, especially schools.

I would very much like to use this experience in my school. Caritas touches on an important issue—preventing human traffickingusing interesting and effective methods such as interactive games, a theatre, discussions, presenting statistics, legal information and the like.

I would also like to sincerely thank Anima for demonstrating how to effectively use the Equal-Together methodology to rear the upcoming generation!”

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