Child Clients of Caritas Vacation at the Carpathian Sea


19.08.12, Zakarpattya region
Solotvyn is a unique place that researchers estimate contains 3.5 billion tons of salt. The largest quantity of salt was extracted in the 1970s; they are still extracting it now, but at much lower rates. In 2006 the state enterprise Solotvyn Salt Mine (part of the state enterprise Ukrsilprom) extracted 9,000 tons of salt from Solotvyn. It is no wonder that people visit here from all over to enjoy the salty water and the surrounding landscapes.

“I haven’t had such a good and relaxing time in a long while! The mines are so interesting—I’m going to tell everyone about them!” excitedly explained 13 year old Volodya Smetanyuk from the village P’yadyky near Kolomyya. Because of financial difficulties the boy’s parents work abroad, for this reason he hasn’t gone anywhere on vacation in the past few years. Volodya along with 15 other children aged 7-16 had the opportunity to vacation for a week on the salty lakes of Solotvyn (Zakarpattya region). The trip was organized by the Caritas Kolomyya-Chernivtsi Eparchy.

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