Caritas Ternopil makes use of summer camps as an effective method of social work with children and youth


27.08.13, Ternopil
Caritas Ternopil organized 5-day summer camp for 26 children. Orphans, half-orphans, children from crisis and large families participated in the camp.

Olia Hilko, social worker, comments: “As a rule, every summer we go to Vrubivtsi village (Kamyanets-Podilskiy region, Khmelnytska oblast), put up tents nearby Dnister and organize ‘School of extreme survival outside’ for few days. This summer we also planned to visit our usual place but with bigger number of kids. It should be a camp for 26 youngsters (as a rule there were 12-14 individuals). And here we had some challenging moments. It was not possible to travel by own transport means, because our bus has room for not more than 15 people. Rent of another one required many papers and much time was needed to finalize everything.

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