Caritas mobile multidisciplinary palliative team adds vivacity to days of terminally-ill people


21.11.12, Ivano-Frankivsk
The major priority for care and support of terminally-ill person is to react duly on his/her needs and to fulfill the highest possible quality of life till the last breath. In Caritas Ivano-Frankivsk UGCC mobile multidisciplinary palliative team carries on its work on delivering multifaceted palliative care which task is to react in time on requests of clients and their relatives. The team consists of medical practitioner, nurse, social worker and confessor. Only in such combination it is possible to estimate needs of an ill individual, to frame a plan for medical and social help, spiritual and psychological assistance.

During last two weeks mobile multidisciplinary palliative team made nearly 15 visits to terminally-ill people. Mrs. Inna, Caritas doctor, examined patients of «Palliative Care in Ivano-Frankivsk» project, consulted them on pain soothing and elimination of grave symptoms of the disease.

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