Caritas Kyiv Visited Over 100 Disabled Individuals on International Elderly Day


12.10.12, Kyiv
1 October is International Elderly Day. On this day Caritas Kyiv visited over 100 individuals who are ill, alone, or poor. As Fr. Roman Syrotych, Director of Caritas Kyiv notes, a kind work and gifts are of utmost importance for this group.

According to UN statistics, in 1950 there were 214 million individuals over the age of 60; in 2025 there will be over 1.121 billion (a six fold increase). 13.8 million retired individuals live in Ukraine; of them 8.8 million are women and 5 million, men.
The increasing geriatric population witnesses an increase in those who lack a support system; one if every 5 is alone. They all need some kind of outside assistance and they always lack human contact.

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