Caritas Kyiv and the Young Leaders’ Club MoKoLad Invite the Community to help Children with Cancer


Caritas Kyiv has joined to organize I want to Live! Make Friends! Be Happy! project whose goal it is to help children with cancer. This civic project will exhibit photographs of children with cancer taken by the young photo journalist Yevhen Malolyetka as a way to draw attention to the problem and causes of childhood cancer in Ukraine,” announced Fr. Roman Syrotych, Director of the charitable foundation Caritas Kyiv.

The Project Will:
– Hold developmental games and other forms of entertainment for children with cancer;
– Raise funds for treating children with cancer;
– Show that the young generation is concerned with cancer in Ukraine.

Scheduled events:
23-25 October, 2011—a special child development program at The National Institute of Cancer.
31 October-6 November, 2011—Exhibit of Serhiy Malolyetka’s photographs of children with cancer as part of the I want to Live! Make Friends! Be Happy! project at the Kyiv City Teacher’s Building (Volodymyrs’ka Street 57).
7 November, 2011—charitable evening to raise funds to cover treatment costs for children at the National Institute of Cancer, starts at 7pm.

The organizers are a group of young people aged 20-30 from the young leaders’ organization MoKoLad. They initiated the student council movement in Ukraine.

Today they are journalists, civil servants, managers, and directors of international companies in Ukraine. These individuals have different tastes, interests, ages, and educational background but they all dream of changing our country because they care about the country in which they were born. They follow the motto: “Each of us can live quietly and pass unnoticed or change this world. And they change it!

Many different organizations are participating in the event, including Caritas Kyiv which regularly participates in events aimed at cancer prevention and treatment, especially for children.

“We want to live in a stable and healthy country! We need to discuss problems and resolve them,” say event organizers.

About the author:
Yevheniy Maloletka – worked as a photo journalist at “PHL” (Information agency), Ukrafoto, and at the Ministry of Transportation and Communication, and as a photo editor at NEWSRU.UA. Currently he works as a photo journalist at For years he has been building a collection of photographs that document the lives of children with cancer at the National Institute of Cancer. He is 23 years old.

His work can be seen here:
Web-site of Caritas Kyiv:

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